How to Straighten Out Bent Tweezers

Take your tweezers from not functional to functional!  

We have all done it! You just got done with a client and you’re rushing to the next when OOPS you drop a tweezer! No need to worry, there are ways to get your tweezers back in working order when bent, here’s how!

What I recommend doing is taking two tweezers and having them point away from you and using your thumbs toward the tips so that you can use a lot of force. You’re going to take one tweezer and kind of squeeze it on the tip so that you are able to straighten them out. You want to approach them from different angles and use the thicker part of the tweezer so that you can straighten out the really minor bends in the tweezer. If you see the tweezer is bent outwards you can straighten them by curving hand in the opposite direction to counter act that bend. 

Now once your tweezers are fully straightened out, if you see that the tweezer has one side that is longer than the other (which can happen for many reasons) then it might be time to retire that tweezer. 

Pro Tip: This scraping technique can also be used while you’re lashing to remove any adhesive build up! 

Lash Artist Apprenticeship Program

While you are still practicing on your speed, it is great to claim yourself as an apprentice for a short period of time. This lets your clients know that this pricing and timing is temporary and there will be a graduation process that you will go through. You can ask the master lash artist to help you determine when you are ready to move up to an expert level.

Clear Adhesives

Clear adhesive is great for colored lashes but I love using black adhesive because it gives a little extra thickness to the base. There is a small number of clients that are allergic to the carbon black pigment so having one on had for those clients is a great idea! That being said, most clients that are having allergic reactions are reacting to the cyanoacrylate.

Do Sensitive Adhesives Actually Work?

Sensitive adhesives are an interesting topic. All adhesives contain the chemical cyanoacrylate which is what clients are usually allergic to so sensitive adhesives are usually ineffective for a client having an allergic reaction. In my experience the only difference that I've seen with sensitive adhesives is that the lashes do not last as long. The best thing you can do is invest in a low fuming adhesive. If you can smell it than the fumes are too strong for you and your client. My recommendation is the Brilliant Lash Pro ONYX line which comes in a few different humidity ranges.

Client has a Mole on their Lash Line?

If your client has a mole on their lash line just lash around it. There isn't really anything else you can do. Your client knows that the mole is there so if its in the way or affecting anything I'm sure that she is aware of it. If there is a hair growing there you can always lash it unless it looks funny.

YouTube Lash Education?

I give everyone props for trying to do what they love no matter what that looks like. If they have only achieved a youtube education then that is just where they are in their journey. I believe in investing in your education and that does not always mean financially it is also time and sometimes even paying for a class doesn't guarantee a great education either. Now does that mean I believe anyone should be providing lashes with just a youtube education? No. I believe that there NEEDS to be hands on practice and in person guidance from a mentor. If you know someone who is offering lashes with only a youtube background, I would just encourage them and motivate them to take a course based on your experience and knowledge.

Ensure Happy New Clients Every Time

Something that I find is common with newer lash artists is a fear of not satisfying the client and therefore going too dramatic or too long during the first appointment. Always remember that it is so much easier to add drama than to take it away so start off conservative! When beginning my appointments with new clients I always like to ask them what they want to look like when leaving today and their answer will help me figure out what their major concerns are. Are they worried about walking out with super dramatic lashes, or are they worried that the lashes wont be dramatic enough? If your client doesn't know what they want, explain that this is going to be their everyday look so do they want it to be a similar look as their mascara or more? The lesson here, is do not over do it in fear that its not going to be enough because it is always going to be better than what they could have gotten with their mascara. Encourage your clients to give you feedback at their future appointments and let them know it is a graduation process and there is always room to grow and develop their look.


Giveaways are always a great idea! People love winning things and it is a great way to get new clients in the door! That being said, you do not need to give yourself and your time completely. A lot of the time when you give something away people tend to not value it as much. My suggestion would be to give away a gift card, a product or maybe an add on!

How to get the Perfect Amount of Adhesive on your Volume Fans

The first step in making sure you are using the correct amount of adhesive for your fans is to create a bubble with your adhesive. What I do is I will take my adhesive well that I use for Classic Lash Application and I will place 3m MicroPore Tape over one of the wells and that is where I will put my adhesive bubble. You may need to drop it from above to ensure a bead above the tape instead of the adhesive spreading down along the tape. As the adhesive sits it will begin to soak into the tape and get more taking so you will need to replace your bead every 15-30 minutes. 

Once you have your bubble, you will want to take your fan and barely graze the surface of your adhesive bubble. You want the tiniest amount of adhesive possible because if you get any more, the adhesive will disburse up the fan causing it to close or it will take too long to dry causing you to work slower! Just remember to always use your best judgment and play with different amounts of adhesive that works best for you and your client. Some clients will have more porous hair than others causing you to need to switch up the adhesive amount. 

General Adhesive Tips: Make sure you are shaking your adhesive for at least 30 seconds everyday to ensure the integrity of the ingredient ratio. If you compromise the ratio even a little bit, your adhesive may not preform as it should. In addition, you should also alway write on the bottom of the adhesive bottle the date that you opened it. We always suggest switching out your adhesive every 4-6 weeks! Brilliant Lash Pro has an amazing subscription offer that allows you to have your adhesive on auto ship every month so you never forget!

When to Replace Your Adhesive

Use your judgment when deciding when to switch out your adhesive. At Brilliant Lash Pro we say an opened adhesive is good for 4 - 6 weeks so you want to make sure you are writing the date you open it on the bottom of the bottle. So should you automatically toss it at that time? Not necessarily! There are so many factors that go into it! If you are opening it multiple times a day, you're exposing it to more oxygen so maybe you need to toss yours even earlier than 4 weeks, it just depends. You know when your adhesive is not performing as it should so listen to your intuition. PRO TIP: Keep a back up adhesive at all times so that you are never caught in a bind where you don't have any! When stored properly and unopened, the shelf life is up to a year. 

Tiny Bottom Lashes

Bottom lashes can be very challenging and every client is so different. They first thing you want to make sure you are doing correctly is alining your eye pads perfectly before beginning lashing. Don’t worry about getting every bottom lash in the beginning though because you can go in with micropore tape and cover the ones that are still exposed. PRO TIP: Through out the appointment brush your clients lashes back so that you can see the bottom lash line and double check that no bottom lashes have popped up since you last checked. Doing this throughout will make less hassle at the end of the appointment. 

Lash Retention

There is either an issue with application or the client. There are so many factors and troubleshooting to be done. If you are seeing a retention issue across many clients then there is most likely something going on in the application process however, whenever that is the case, I still like to troubleshoot with clients so that they are aware of the things that may have gone wrong on their end. I always like to reiterate that this is a team effort. I do my job by applying the lashes up to industry standards and then they need to take care of them when they leave their appointment. Even if both you and your client are doing EVERYTHING you can to ensure the best retention possible there is still the factor of genetics and hormones. When a client comes in with a concern about retention you want to go through all of these possibilities. Hormonal changes can affect hair growth, whether its pregnancy, menopause or any other hormonal changes your hair growth can increase or decrease. I never encourage my clients to touch their lashes. This is due to oils on the hands but also that opens a whole new can of worms that can lead to picking. Of course you also want to ask about products they’re using, if they started using something new, if they started taking a new medication or supplement. All of which can affect retention, good or bad. That being said, you also need to always be evaluating yourself. Make sure you are doing everything on your end to ensure the best product. You can always go to my website and download my audition guide which I believe covers everything you need to be performing to industry standards. Depending on where you live and how much your humidity fluctuates, you may also want to have multiple types of adhesives in your tool kit to make sure you are able to adjust as needed. 

How to Increase Your Lashing Speed

Speed is the very last thing you should be worried about when learning how to lash! Being quick should not be your priority, making sure that you are applying extensions properly should always be your focus first and foremost. Once you are solid in your technique the speed will follow. That being said, I have heard from multiple Lash Artists that they feel they are doing everything correctly but are still not able to get any faster! This is where a mentor would come in handy. There are many little things you can do to increase your speed that you may not think of. For instance, I see many ladies who will apply the lash but not feel confident in the placement so they will go back to it and try to tweak it. You need to commit to your placement! This is key! Feeling confident with you isolation will also help you cease to second guess yourself, this is why I love using the Silicone Reusable Eye Pads from Brilliant Lash Pro! They provide a thick barrier between my tweezers and the clients skin so that I can isolate and press down on the pads ensuring the lash stay isolated while I pick up my extension. Another way to help increase your speed is to move around when isolating and applying! I know a lot of Lash Artists like to lash all in a row, one eye at a time however in my experience, this leads to issues with extensions sticking together. Because of this, you will need to go back and pull apart those lashes and end up reapplying them which certainly slows you down! 

How to Correctly Store Your Adhesive

To get the most out of your adhesive you want to make sure to store it upright in a cool and dark place. That being said, you do not want to place it in a refrigerator or freezer because it is too cold. You can however place your adhesive in a wine fridge if you feel like your work space is too warm. You will also want to make sure to shake your adhesive between each use ensuring all ingredients are always evenly distributed throughout the product. Lastly, also be sure you are screwing the cap back onto the adhesive after every use! Following these tips will provide you with an adhesive that works amazingly and lasts up to 6 weeks once opened!

Will products with Bee's Wax affect retention?

When you wear any make up you are putting your lashes at risk to weakened bonds and pre mature lash loss. That being said, any oil based products do increase the risk of that and bees wax or any wax for that matter is oil based and has that greasy feeling so it can potentially be decreasing your clients retention. 

If your going to retail one thing, make it an eyelash cleanser!

Retail is a great way to increase your revenue! Although I do not believe in being a “Sales Person” or being “salesy”, it is important to offer your clients items that will be of use to them! By offering a lash cleanser and other after care products will not only increase your income but it will also make your job easier because your clients will have amazing retention. My favorite cleanser is the Brilliant Clarity Pro Lash Cleanser and they are available in 30mL, 50mL and 100mL! You can also get your own logo on the 30 and 50mL sizes! You can talk with customer service at to set up your Private Label Cleansers!